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Tree Buttress root. Tree Survey

Trees and Planning

If you are planning a development project with trees on your site then you may need the assistance of an arboriculturist. You might be constructing an extension to your existing property or building a whole new housing estate, either way if you have trees on or around your site, you'll need a tree report to accompany your planning application.

Arboricultural Constraints Assessment & Tree Constraints Plan

We would always recommend a tree survey at the start of a project before the design process begins. The survey records condition details that are recommended in the British Standard 5837:2012 'Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction - recommendations'. 

This survey enables us to produce an arboricultural constraints assessment and tree constraints plan which would identify which trees should be retained to facilitate the development and highlight the existing Root Protection Areas (RPAs) and crown spreads that would need to be avoided.

Arboricultural Impact Assessment & Tree Protection Plan

Once a final site layout has been drawn up, an arboricultural impact assessment can be produced. This report would accompany the planning application and include details on which trees would need to be removed in order to construct the development. A tree protection plan would also be produced to show what measures will be required to protect retained trees during the construction process.


Arboricultural Method Statement

Where construction activity is allowed to commence near retained trees, special measures are often required to ensure they are not damaged in the process. An arboricultural method statement can be written to detail how the special building requirements are carried out and the materials that will be required.

Trees & Development
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