Tree Risk Surveys

If you have trees on your land, you may require a tree survey. We offer professional tree surveys for risk management in Dorset, Wiltshire and the wider area that identify problem trees and give recommended management. 

Tree Planting Design

We produce tree planting plans and specifications for your site. Whether you have a residential garden or an extensive commercial site, we can tailor our services to suit your requirements.   

The environmental conditions varies from site to site for trees and for that reason we carefully consider each garden or parcel of land before recommending an appropriate species to plant. We are careful to plan ahead and ensure trees are planted at the correct spacing to ensure they have enough room to grow to their full potential.


Tree Mortgage Reports

You may require a tree mortgage report to satisfy your mortgage lender for your new property.

We can survey the trees at your new property and deliver a clear report to satisfy the needs of your mortgage lender. 

We understand that purchasing property can be stressful and so we endeavour to make our contribution as easy for you as possible.


Holistic Tree Care


We can install bracing or propping systems that can provide the adequate support in these situations. 

Soil Aeration: 

The root system is an important part when assessing the health of a tree. Many trees struggle to get enough oxygen and water when the soil has been compacted from vehicle or foot traffic. De-compacting the soil and adding a compost mulch is the most efficient option for these trees. 

We can use an 'air spade' which injects high pressured air into the ground to de-compact the rooting environment.